Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Priorities

Wow...I still can't believe that I'm a mom. Life has changed in ways that I only vaguely expected.

Feel free to visit my other blog to read about the new baby...Marshal Lawrence...born on September 26 - a week and a day early.

I decided not to shut down my Etsy shop at all. It's not like sales have been flying in, so I figured the odds of having any sales were slim.

Lo and behold...I had two sales in my first two weeks home with the baby. I was not ready. Thankfully my family has been incredible in helping out. Mom has stayed the night twice to let me get a full night's sleep and my aunt even drove over an hour just to help out for a few hours. So I did manage to get both orders out.

In less than a month I'll be doing my one and only craft show. I really need to step it up and start getting ready for it. I don't need to make any jewelry, thankfully. But I do need to organize and price things.

We're slowly getting into a sort of routine. The last four nights he seems to have figured out that night time is when we sleep. Though it's not super consistent. His fussiness is getting a bit better - he was super gassy the first two weeks.

And my mental health has gotten better. I knew it would be difficult for me and I was right. I hardly left the bedroom for the first two weeks. And I barely ate (I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight already). It was pretty stressful, but again between family and my doctors I made it through.

I have ideas for making jewelry ... now I just need to find time and energy to make it. :) Although I've been wasting lots of time on Facebook games. They are addicting!