Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hot Baby

Marshal had a fever from Saturday morning until Tuesday late evening. It was not a pleasant experience as it was his very first fever ever in his 13 months of life. He stopped eating and getting him to drink enough was a struggle as well. Saturday and Sunday he was pretty catatonic … he only wanted to be held and would just stare blankly most of the time.

His nose has been stuffy but now it's full on stuffed so breathing was difficult for him – and that is our current issue. Since he can't breath he can't drink from his bottle (yes, that's another issue...I realize he should be off his bottle since he's over a year but whatever). He won't drink anything other than milk and pushes all other forms of liquid transport away. He also still won't eat very much.
Which brings us to last night. I truly think he was so hungry that his little tummy kept him up all night. In the middle of the night I even made him an English Muffin with butter – something that has never been done in our household. He had one little bite and was done with that. He would get a few sips in before falling asleep, exhausted, in my arms. Putting him back in his crib worked for 45 minutes to an hour before he was awake and crying again.
Needless to say, mommy is exhausted. Which is not good because today is a big day for me. When I first started with Aflac I called a local business and actually got a meeting. That was in May. It is now November and we've finally moved forward and I'm doing enrollments. It's very exciting and it's a company that I absolutely love – and would have loved even if they hadn't moved forward. But being so tired is not conducive to effective consultation. :(
Hopefully we can get his nose unstuffed somehow. It just sounds horrible but he doesn't know yet how to blow his nose or clear his throat so the stuff just sits there building up. I think we need to try to get him to sneeze or something.

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