Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Custom Necklace

I enjoy custom orders. They sometimes stretch my imagination and give me ideas I might not have acted on otherwise.

The request was a freshwater pearl necklace that modeled itself after the faux pearl Chanel necklace where the pearls varied in size.

I avoid designing anything to match another design so my take on the necklace is slightly different than the customer's Chanel necklace...but that is what makes it unique and handcrafted. =)

It's hard to tell in the photo but these have such a gorgeous luster that it's nearly like looking in a mirror.

It's long enough to wear as a single strand or to double up as a choker. It looks so beautiful on my little cousin. I might need to make a similar one for myself. =)

I pre-stretched 100% silk before hand knotting between each pearl. Silk will continue to stretch after being used in a necklace like this but if you pre-stretch it you will not get nearly as many gaps later on.

Knotting pearls is relaxing for me. I don't have to do it at my work desk, I can sit on the couch and work on a board. Plus the result is always so beautiful.


SpeakDog said...

I've never done any knotting... I've been so neglectful of my jewelry lately... but, winter's here and being forced indoors due to the snow always gets me excited about jewelry and crafts....

That necklace is gorgeous, by the way :)

Brett said...

This is good information.