Sunday, September 13, 2009

Counting Down

It's getting closer and closer to "D" day. :) The doctors have scheduled me to be induced on September 27.

I'm also working at home last day "at" work is tomorrow...and then I'll be in my virtual office until labor time.

My exhaustion level is crazy high. Hubby and I went out to breakfast and then grocery shopping today and even though it's only around 5 p.m. I feel like I could go to bed for the rest of the night.

I did make some new jewelry last weekend and even got photos taken...edited, now that's another story. Here are some basic, barely edited photos...basically just cropped.

I really love the pendants and got them from the Pacific Northwest bead festival this summer from Lillypilly Designs. I've got several more in different colors but of course have no energy to actually use them right now.

I also made a cute pair of earrings with some smaller pendants but forgot to photograph them. I figure the necklaces will each be around $50-$65...the pendants themselves are not cheap, even wholesale (sadly, I didn't buy enough to get wholesale prices). It's probably not high enough of a price for the whole necklace since I'm using freshwater pearls and real gemstones with them. But I mostly just want to get them sold so someone can enjoy them. I really love how they a ll turned out.

They're made with real shells and I have no idea what process they use to create the designs. If I get these listed in my Etsy or 1000 Markets shop it will be a minor miracle.

I'm sure blogging will be as light, or lighter, than it has been lately. Once the little guy is here I'll be sure to post photos...but it might just be on my other blog Amid Clutter. I'll try to link to it here too. :)


Jennette said...

I love that first one! I am following!

Anna said...

Hope all went well and everyone is healthy and happy! said... :: AshwaRetail sells beautiful jewelry on Ebay. All jewelry is in sterling silver and real gemstones.