Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Little Time

Time is running out very quickly... I have less than 5 weeks before I'm due and somehow I have this feeling that I won't even make it that long before he demands to be let out. :)

I have all these ideas for creating new jewelry pieces and yet no time to create them. The baby room is not done - everything is sort of piled up in the middle of the room. We haven't even gotten some of the things we need to have (like a crib mattress and a bassinet).

I did find a few spare moments - last week - to play with the new enamel I'd ordered over a month ago. SO much fun!!! I do want to know why the larger pieces bubbled when I did the second side though (the counter enamel was fine). Any ideas?

As I was pouring the enamel from the ziplock baggies into their new solid canister containers I read the warning label on the Orient Red color...yeah...after I'd already poured it in. It said not to use if you're pregnant because it might harm the fetus. Lovely.

Thankfully I was practicing a small level of safety - wearing a mask and an apron. Hopefully that was enough. I've already had enough issues this pregnancy without causing more on my own. :) And I will not be actually using the Orient Red in anything until after the baby arrives. I'll stick to the "safe" colors (and I will still wear a mask because breathing in ground glass is not my idea of fun).

I'm taking this Friday off and will have a 4 day weekend...I'm hoping that I'll get lots of things done including some jewelry and photos.


Simply Chimica said...

Just relax.. everything will fall into place. It always does. Make a simple to do list of the most important things and get busy.. :) My son was due on Dec 26 but came on Dec 17 plus I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days because of a c -section. You have time.. don't worry.

CastoCreations said...

Thanks! I'm trying very hard not to worry too much. :)