Thursday, March 11, 2010

Randomness on Thursday

Well, I passed. =) Anyone want to buy some AFLAC? (Just kidding, I passed the exam, but don't have my official license no selling for me until then! But after that...*grin*). I go in tomorrow morning to sign my paperwork with Aflac and then I'll start their training. SO excited!!!

I had a really strange dream last night, or this morning, or whenever. We were living in a trailer, but it must have been a huge trailer because we had two big screen TVs and all kinds of other toys. Several people kept coming to the door to try to sell me something and I finally got mad and rude since they were so pushy. At some point I left the trailer and when I came back all of our stuff was stolen...but for ransom! From the sales guy who had come to the door. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something??? Oh, but he'd left the baby's bouncer so I had some place to put him. ROFL

I have a "lot" of jewelry stuff to do...and by a lot I mean four things. A former coworker's bracelet needs to be restrung. A customer's bracelet that she wears every single day needs to be restrung (any suggestions for restringing a daily wear bracelet so the wire won't break???). A pair of earrings to finish and send out. And ... shoot. There's another thing and I can't remember what it is. It's all going to have to wait until this weekend though.

I'm interviewing someone for my current job today. I *think* she's the one my boss and other boss want to hire. My interviewing her is pretty much just a formality so she can ask questions about the position. Should I try to scare her? hee hee hee ... no, I wouldn't do that because I really need whoever they hire to start NOW so I can train them. I'm actually responsible for quite a bit of stuff in this position...way more than when I first started five years ago.

My ten year anniversary with this company was March 6. I think I get a small cash bonus (I've heard $150 to $250) and it's going into savings to help me pay for Aflac supplies. Plus I now officially qualify for my two month sabbatical, which I'll be cashing out when I leave. It's my own version of severance.

Marshal has discovered his feet. He can entertain himself with them for a half an hour. I wish I was as flexible as he is.

We're trying to teach him sign language and it seems like he's figured out the milk symbol. When we do that one he now opens his mouth. ROFL Now to get him to distinguish between "milk" and "eat" (which is the sign for his rice cereal) and we'll be rolling.

I really miss making jewelry...I haven't made any in weeks and my desk is even messier than it was when I blogged about it last.

So these are my random thoughts for the day (although I'm sure I'll have a lot more...I'll spare you the details). I'm just relieved that the state exam portion of my journey is over.


Rebecca said...

Congrats on your passing grade! :)

Anonymous said...

YeaY!!!! I know how stressed you were about this...

Anonymous said...

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