Monday, May 23, 2011


My boss recently brought to my attention his perception of some of my jewelry. We do not generally share similar tastes but I was truly surprised by his comments.

The biggest surprise to me was his comment that some of the chain I used looked "cheap". I always thought the thin chain I used looked delicate and pretty.

He is a big guy and did buy his wife one of the larger linked Tiffany's necklaces. But still, I was genuinely surprised that he thought the chain looked cheap.

Can't things that are dainty and small be high in value? Do things have to be large to be viewed as "expensive" looking? The chain I used for the pendant above is not inexpensive and it's deceptively strong.

Now I'm looking at my selection in materials slightly differently...perhaps what I perceived as delicate others see as cheap.



Dana said...

I personally don't think the small delicate chain looks cheap...maybe just a man's interpretation. As a guess if you offered the same pendant on a heavy chain vs. the smaller one the smaller one would sell first. Not only would it be more affordable but it would look nicer.

Rosanne said...

I don't agree either! I think your chains look beautiful. Nothing cheap looking about them. I guess its just his taste.

CastoCreations said...

Thanks you two. I think it's partly a guy's perspective too. But it definitely is making me look twice at my choices.