Friday, January 23, 2009

Making Life Easier

I'm so excited. Last night hubby and I hooked up a printer to my laptop!

I life is pretty dull.

But really - this will make my life (and his) much easier and simple - which is of course my goal.

Before I had to forward any e-mails I wanted printed to his e-mail address and go to his computer to print them out. All my paypal shipping labels had to be printed from his computer (which is slow as mole-asses). And often times my schedule of needing to print interrupted his very important music listening (he loves to just sit in his computer room and listen to music on his computer...I think it's weird, but whatever).

So I'm pretty darn happy to have my own printer. Plus I can print out more coupons now. *grin*

The best part? We didn't have to pay for the printer. My wonderful sister in law gave it to us awhile back but we hadn't gotten around to hooking it up. Now it sits on a small little side table next to my permanent seat on the love seat (I think there's a butt impression where I sit!).

It's the small things in life. :) Happy Friday!

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Angelika said...

I just sat at the computer and listened to music last night! I love listening to music and since I don't want to buy batteries for my portable CD player this is the next best thing. Better, even, because I don't have to change CDs when I want to hear something else. Just click.

Nothing to do with your post, but whatever, LOL.