Sunday, January 18, 2009

Picked Up by the Big Boys

Wow...totally awesome. Forbes magazine picked up the case against CPSIA. Awesome. Now if the law makers will listen.

I got a response back from my Senator and it was standard though did mention that she would monitor the situation. Yeah right.

I'm so glad that Forbes is on top of this now.
"With few exceptions, the law covers all products intended primarily for children under 12. That includes clothing, fabric and textile goods of all kinds: hats, shoes, diapers, hair bands, sports pennants, Scouting patches, local school-logo gear and so on.

And paper goods: books, flash cards, board games, baseball cards, kits for home schoolers, party supplies and the like. And sporting equipment, outdoor gear, bikes, backpacks and telescopes. And furnishings for kids' rooms.

And videogame cartridges and audio books. And specialized assistive and therapeutic gear used by disabled and autistic kids."

It's a really great article and touches on handmade items and thrift items.

"Contrary to some reports, thrift and secondhand stores are not exempt from the law. Although (unlike creators of new goods) they aren't obliged to test the items they stock, they are exposed to liability and fines if any goods on their shelves (or a component button, bolt, binding, etc.) are found to test above the (very low) thresholds being phased in."

And check out this protest listing on Etsy. HILARIOUS!

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