Monday, December 14, 2009

Mama's Little Helper's not easy to make jewelry with an infant, but I'm managing to find a way. He doesn't nap during the day and really doesn't like being left alone without being held. *sigh* I'm trying to train him to like the Baby Bjorn facing outward so he can see things. We're having mixed results. But on Saturday and Sunday I managed to get him to give me about an hour before the screaming started.

Here we are taking photographs. Boy is it hard to keep a camera still while juggling an infant on your front! Most of the shots came out okay though.

I've been posting a lot of new work and reposting some older pieces in my Etsy shop. And there are other items listed in my 1000 Markets shop. Items should still arrive in time for Christmas if orders are shipped by this Wednesday.

Glass bead and fringed necklace.

Fine silver and sterling earrings.


Roxy said...

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