Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashionably Trashy

And no, I'm not insulting anyone. :) Who says that garbage can't be classy?

One of the designers, Allyson Hill, who I have made several purchases from made the front page on Etsy today and it just reminded me how truly cool her product is.

I bought one of her car trash bags a couple of years ago for my own car and she's made it even better with a snap-able strap. I've also bought these as gifts, since they are so reasonably priced, for my husband's truck, my mom's car, and my MIL's car. You can personalize these with all sorts of different fabric choices. I got hubby a camo one!

You can hang it from the back of the front seats (or even the back seats if the headrest works with it) or from the stick shift, which is how I have mine.

Now she has something called an Auto Sneeze that is SO flippin' clever. She's so imaginative. It's a cozy for tissues that attaches to your visor. How cool is that?!?!
I go through so many Kleenexes though that this isn't nearly big enough for me...I keep full size boxes in my car. ha!

I'm very proud to say that "I knew her when" ... back when she had a lot fewer sales. She's almost to 7,000 sales on Etsy!!! You go girl!


Rosanne said...

I'm happy to hear how well she's doing! I've got her bags and tissue holders in all 4 of our cars and bought some for other members of my family too. Beautiful fabrics that hold up really well!

CastoCreations said...

Right?!? I love finding great artisans who do such amazing work.