Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Just a Day

Hubby and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. I really don't remember if we ever did, even when we first started dating.

I'm not anti-Valentine ... I just think it's kind of silly to profess your love for one another on a certain day of the year. We should do it every single day. I know a couple of women (and some guys actually) who believe this holiday is almost as important as Christmas or Thanksgiving and actually get upset if their significant other doesn't acknowledge their love.


I've been seeing a lot of advertising related to this day and it reminds me that I should probably jump on that band wagon. I'm horrible at promoting my jewelry for Valentine's Day and always have been. Since it's not a big deal in our house (it will be when the boy is in school and gets to do V-day cards though...I LOVE doing those!) I tend to forget that other folks are actually shopping for gifts. are my Valentine's Day suggested goodies...if you are so inclined.

From my shop.

Love Knots necklace - a never ending circle - just like your love. :) There are also matching earrings and a smaller version of each with round pearls.

For the Art Lover - this is so gorgeous! "In the Tree II" by Hadley Hutton.

Gorgeous ceramics...designs by Kieffer Ceramics just mesmerize me.

My friend Dana makes the most amazing wire wrapped Gemstone trees.

She even wrote a book so you could make one too! I'm so proud of her! It's even available on!!!

And last but not least today...some really yummy looking lip gloss by Flourish Bath & Body. I haven't actually tried hers, but it looks so beautiful.

And I really like tinted lip gloss. If it is as smooth as the kind I use from Avon it would be a great switch for me and one of these days I'll try it.

If you're still struggling for ideas for your loved one for the big V-Day, head on over to Etsy, 1000 Markets, or ArtFire and see if you can find something fabulously handmade. :)


Anna said...

We are the same way about Feb. 14th. I haven't thought about creating new "V-Day" style jewelry at all! I probably should. I have an older bracelet that's red & I renamed a couple years ago, but alas, it's still there! :)

CastoCreations said...

I know it's "bad" marketing but I just have a hard time getting fired up for it. lol =)

Dana said...

Thanks for the shout out. I too haven't done any advertising for Valentine's Day and now our time is short. Humm I probably should do something soon....maybe today even.

CastoCreations said...

LOL Dana. I just know that if I did do any advertising I wouldn't really be prepared to deal with more orders. One a week seems to be my limit right now. hahaha