Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day at the Air Show

What an amazing time we had on Saturday! Marshal, hubby, and I piled into the truck and headed to Joint Base Lewis McChord for the Air Show. We were a little later than we wanted to be...and apparently so was everyone else because the parking was hideous. Some of the military folks were getting seriously ticked at stupid people...not us of course. :)

About an hour before we left I put Marshal's new ear protection in his diaper bag. As we were leaving, hubby shows me the ear muffs and asks "Are these the ones we're taking?" ... *sigh* Timber had chewed one side and the padding was completely gone. I swear I am going to shoot that dog one of these days.

Nevertheless, the actual protective portion was okay and didn't seem to be too difficult to wear so we moved on.

I honestly wasn't sure how Marshal would react - there were a lot of people and some of the airplanes were so loud that they shook my chest so even with his ear muffs he felt the rumblings. I was impressed by how closely he tracked the planes as they flew. He and daddy had so much fun together - even though we spent the majority of time standing in line for food - at least we had lots to watch while we waited.

Mommy is protecting my ears.

Where'd the Plane go?!?

Ear Muff break. Some less noisy planes are flying.

I see you!

Hot Shot!

Marshal slept the whole way home and was out COLD. But that was the only recharge he needed apparently because then he was back to his active self - playing in everything he could find, including the laundry basket.

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NicoleB, Kuwiat said...

He's such a cutie pie!
Glad you protected his little ears. Not many are that smart (sad enough).