Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Me!

For the first time in our five years of marriage I have remembered today! It is our five year anniversary today. It seems like no time has passed but that all the time has passed. It hasn't been blissful the whole time, even from day one. But I knew that going in. We are both very stubborn and strong willed. He is a cop after all and used to having people obey his commands - which I don't...ever. LOL

But I am as much in love with him today as I was five years ago. In fact I think I was in love with him from our first date eight years ago. We met at an apartment complex. We both lived there and I was working in the office to get some money off my rent. He was attending the police Academy and having his mail forwarded to the office during the week. So one weekend he came in and asked for his mail...from me. I was dating a total loser at the time and this tall, strong, handsome man walks in and I am all atwitter.

A couple of months go by and one of the other girls in the office calls me at home one day and says, "do you remember that guy having his mail held at the office...he wants your phone number." Boy...he moves fast doesn't he? ROFL I've since learned that it takes him a LONG time to make any important decision. And of course I told her to give it to him. He called. We set a date. And we went to dinner.

The rest, as they say, is history! Several weeks later I invited him to come with me to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. His entire family was on the East Coast and he was by himself. Taking him to meet his family was a risk, I admit. My family is a bit nuts...the nut doesn't fall far from the tree as they say. But he took it all in stride and seriously impressed my family. He was the first real "adult" I'd ever brought home. I choices in guys previously hadn't been the best.

It took him awhile to admit that he loved me, but I knew it all along. We were meant to be and he'd see that eventually. He graduated from the academy and was transferred north to a city 1 1/2 away from me. I was not happy about that. Thankfully we were both so in love that we made it work. I convinced him to get a transfer after his year long probationary period and my family helped him move down to my city.

Two days before Christmas, 2001, he stuck out both his hands and said "Pick a hand" ... I don't remember if I picked the right hand or not...either way, I got a ring! I showed my mom while we were driving somewhere and she almost crashed the car. HAHAHAHAHA! [I miss that was stolen!] And less than one year later we were joined together in holy matrimony for all time. No divorce for me ever...he couldn't get rid of me if he tried (as I remind him all the time!).

And even though we fight like cats and dogs sometimes, lots of times actually, we truly love and respect each other. We understand each other. He puts up with a lot of things from me - as you may be aware - I have some issues. And I put up with a lot from him because he's not as perfect as he wants me to believe.

Here's to the last five years and to 55 more! =D

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