Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sweet Tooth!

I am having one of those days where I am craving sweets. Good sweets. Fudge. Brownies. Cookies. Cupcakes. Oh my!

So I'm torturing myself by browsing around Etsy and finding all these delectable goodies. If only they could transport them directly to me right this second!

Cupcakes in a Jar! What a great idea by Fat Daddy Bake Shop. Gimme one now!!!
And I loooooovvvvveeeeee Fudge! Why make it myself when The Country Baker has done all the work for me?

And I'm fighting myself to not order this amazing looking chocolate fudge pie!

There's always these yummy looking vegan Chocolate Peanutbutter Fudge Balls from Vegan Honey. I'm not a vegan...can you cook stuff like this without milk or eggs? I have no idea and I think I'm willing to try these out to "test" them. :)

*sigh* Did I mention that I was trying to drop some poundage? These photos aren't helping me!

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