Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Husband Kicks So Much Butt!

Sometimes my husband's "cop" attitude drives me nuts, but other times it comes in really really handy. I'm sitting on the couch and I have a perfect view of my neighbor's front yard. Tomorrow is recycling and garbage day and she took our her stuff about an hour ago (yes, I've sadly been sitting here that long!). A young kid walked by, leaned over and picked a bottle out of the recycle bin, and THREW it into her yard!


Seriously...what the hell! Okay...yes, he's an immature kid. But it totally ticked me off. This poor little old lady lives by herself and is already paranoid about people doing things to her house. So I yell for hubby and he runs out (barefoot) and screams "HEY!" "YO!" and man can he yell in a scary, piss your pants, sort of way. I'm trying not to laugh as he gets the kids attention and makes him pick up the bottle and put it back in the bin.

I am laughing hysterically!!! Way to go Hubby!!! :)

Edited to Add: Did I mention that he was with his parental figure?!?!? What kind of pathetic parent lets her son do this?!?! Bad parent!

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