Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday

Well, are Mondays ever happy? I wore a hot pink turtle neck to work today. I wanted to be optimistic. =)

An update on my website...It is being worked on. In an effort to simplify my life, I am going to go ahead and have my shopping cart system scrapped. All sales will either be through Etsy or direct paypal invoices. I will still have an independent website at but to purchase pieces people will need to either create a user account on Etsy or contact me and ask for an invoice.

This creates several inconveniences for me and for anyone who wants to buy my jewelry. However in the long run it is better for me and my family. And perhaps even for customers. I will be sending out a newsletter e-mail explaining the changes as soon as they are in effect. If you aren't already on my newsletter list you will be able to sign up again once my site is back up and running.

So while I wait for my new site to be loaded I started feeling more inspired than I had in months! I created two necklaces, four pairs of earrings, and a ring this weekend. Woohoo!!!

First one up on Etsy is one that I really want to keep for myself. It is just so gorgeous (in my humble opinion).

I called it Crystal Ice ... it just brings to mind an elegant black tie event with chandeliers at Christmas time - lots of ice cycles, white and blue decorations, quiet music.

Hope you like it. =)

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Have a great Monday honey. :)