Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rumors and Truths

My own mother "hates" Sarah Palin. Why? Because she's a Republican.

My mother is generally a sane person but somehow the idea of a female Republican horrifies her. Yes, even her own daughter's conservatism (not that the GOP and conservatism always go hand in hand).

So for those of you who have flown off the deep end against this woman here is a link to some of the rumors.

For Sarah Palin.

For Barrack Obama.

Facts matter. Truth matters. I am not against BO because I think he's a closet Muslim or not an actual citizen. Those are rumors and aren't true. I'm against him because of his socialist quasi-Marxist ideas.


Meagan said...

Like what?
Do you consider SS like quasi-marxist?
How about free public education?
How about Medicare?
So what is it that he wants to do and how is that it's different than those?
Maybe you should share with us what exactly you think he has going on instead of making these snide remarks you love to make.

instinct said...

Gee, Can I answer Megan's questions?? :D

Public education isn't free, we are taxed for it
Higher taxes, weaker military, and bigger government.

Oh, and Megan. This isn't your site so she can say whatever the heck she wants to here, just like you Kos kiddies do over at your site :)