Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1000 Finds - Ellen Morrow Arts

A new addition to the Pacific Northwest Market on 1000 Markets, I was struck by the beauty of Ellen Morrow's fabulous artwork.

Bright and vibrant colors are the main ingredient of her work, along with her natural subjects. From fogs to fish and birds to cats, she captures nature in all its wonderful spirit using watercolors.

I love it when artists create their work in other forms than pieces for the wall...our walls are full so gift card sets are much more likely to find their way into our house. I absolutely love her birds and flower cards.

Working from Eugene Oregon, Ellen is a welcome and wonderful addition to the PNW market.

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Ellen Morrow said...

Thank you Megan (and other members!) for warmly welcoming me to the Pacific Northwest Market. I look forward to becoming more familiar with other artisans shops and enjoying the atmosphere!
Best, Ellen