Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1000 Finds - Kooyman Designs

I'm loving the 1000 Markets Pacific Northwest marketplace. We have such an amazing group of artisans that I'll have plenty of fun and unique goodies to share with you.

One such amazing and talented artisan is the folks at Kooyman Designs.

A cooperative effort between husband and wife (which I think is very brave *grin*) this duo creates their amazing work out of Arlington, Washington.

In their own words:

The toys I make are heirloom quality, using the best quality materials with the highest possible craftsmanship intended to last to be enjoyed by many generations. As parents, child safety is of the highest priority. This is why we use non-toxic and food grade stains and finishes on my toy and kitchen products. For a wood toy to last even one child’s lifetime, the wood must be protected. Without protection, one cup of juice spilled on a wood toy would virtually destroy it. Causing staining, sticky nastiness that is impossible to clean.
They don't just create children's toys, though I love them and know that I must have one for my upcoming crumb cruncher. They also design kitchen gadgets like their Tortilla press. I wonder if I had a tortilla press if I'd be more inclined to make my own tortillas. :)

I'll definitely let folks know when I decide on a toy to purchase for my little peanut. :)

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