Monday, April 13, 2009

Creative Feature - Always Wired Woman

Can I admit something? It's hard for me to feature other jewelry artists on my blog. *grin* Let's just say that I have an incredibly competative nature. But I do my best to put it aside because we can all help each other. :)

So I'd like to feature Joella of Always Wired Bead Lady today. I love her chainmaille pieces!

I don't have the patience for chainmaille and always admire those who do.

Her story sounds a lot like mine ... beading since she was a young girl but really starting to focus on making jewelry later in life.

Please visit her blog and her shop.


Sandee said...

That is a pretty piece indeed.

Hope you had a great Easter.

Big hug. :)

MissWill said...
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Grandma said...

I greatly admire anyone that can produce such intricate pieces. I have tried a few times, but have not been as successful.
Thanks for sharing.

TeriB said...

I know what you mean---mine isn't so much the competitiveness as it is wanting to be able to DO evertyhing I see! Lovely bracelet. Teri