Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introducing Minimalist Designs

Once I get an idea in my head it usually becomes an obsession. I asked for some advice a few days ago when this particular idea was fermenting in my brain.

I decided that because I love creating jewelry - all kinds of jewelry - that this actually made sense for me. It will allow me to create simple pieces of jewelry that don't cost a ton to create (or take too much time) and that I can offer for lower prices than my other jewelry.

So...introducing Minimalist Designs. It's not the best name, I don't think, but it'll do for now. And for now the focus will be mostly earrings. They take me the least amount of time to create and have the lowest cost. I'd like to add necklaces later but I need to find a good inexpensive (more inexpensive than what I have now) supplier for chain. It might be tougher to create inexpensive bracelets (based on my pricing model) but I am going to try eventually.

I had a blast making the first sets of earrings and think they turned out great. I made them all in an hour and a half or so and it took longer to photograph and edit the photos than it did to make them. I hate that part! =)

I decided that even the photos would be different from my other designs so I took them outside against a more rustic (aka simple) background).

Let me know what you think. I'll be posting more pieces throughout the day today and tomorrow ... I want to spread out the listings.

Oh and these designs will only be offered in my Etsy shop. My 1000 Markets shop will be reserved for my more artistic and intricate (or more expensive) pieces. I'm still working to increase my knowledge and skills and don't plan to exclusively create these simple pieces. But it just seemed like a good time to add a less expensive line to my work.

A few other details...

Discounts will still be applied to these pieces - I priced them so that I will still make a profit even after the discounts I know are floating out there (I participate in the Indie Coupons and have at least two sets out now).

No free shipping though ... I'm going to ship everything USPS First Class and use as few extra packaging elements as I can. My goal is of course to protect the pieces, but to do so as inexpensively as possible to keep the shipping cost down. This may mean that I recycle old boxes to use as protection, but I'll also still use bubble wrap. I'm still trying to decide on the right envelopes though. Any ideas?

You may also notice that even my descriptions are different...just the facts ma'am. If you see something that I'm missing and should be including in the details please let me know.

I love feedback...any feedback. :)

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