Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Communication Matters!

This post definitely deserves the exclamation mark. As sad and teary eyed as I was on Friday, I'm equally happy and relieved today.

Open and honest communication really does matter in business, and I think even more online.

I sent a message to the person who left me negative feedback on Etsy and heard back from them yesterday. My message offered to allow her to return (for full refund) the item, exchange it, or I'd replace it. Unfortunately she does not have the time to deal with a return, which I completely understand.

However she agreed that she should have contacted me about her displeasure before leaving feedback and she used the "kiss and makeup" feature on Etsy. I'm SOOOOO relieved and thankful. Truly and humbly thankful.

She has EVERY right to leave negative feedback as she was not satisfied with her purchase. I am thankful though that she saw how much I wanted to make the situation right and rescinded her negative feedback. I also left her positive feedback, with my thanks.

Every situation has two sides...and thankfully we were able to amicably resolve the issue. And I have told her that if she finds some time in the future I will take the earrings back for refund, exchange, or replacement even up to a few months from now (well past my 7 day policy).

I believe feedback is an incredibly important part of shopping online. It's one of my disappointments with 1000 Markets, that they have no manner for customers or artisans to leave feedback. I understand their reasons, but to me feedback is an incredibly important part of knowing who you are buying from.

I'm glad that my feedback is once again negative free - and trust me, I've also learned that every single item I send out has to meet my normally stringent standards. Pregnancy is NO excuse for sloppiness!


Dravens Halo said...

glad to hear everything worked out for you!!!

Sandee said...

What great news honey. I'm so glad this worked out for both of you. Yes, communication is indeed important.

Have a terrific day. :)