Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Got the Blues

And no, I'm not still depressed about my first negative feedback on Etsy (the person did reply and agreed that she should have contacted me first...so that's something).

For some reason I've been making almost all Blue jewelry. Not just blue, but for the most part bold and chunky. Though I have created a few more delicate pieces.

The local bead store was having a sale on a stone that I'd never heard of called Magnesite. It is a naturally occurring white stone but is most commonly dyed to resemble Jade and Turquoise. The turquoise colored Magnesite they had was incredible and too beautiful to resist. Plus it was a great deal.

Didn't I say bold and chunky? :) I absolutely love the way these two pieces came out. Hubby thinks they are hideous but I think they are fun and would totally wear them on a special occasion....or to work.

A slightly more delicate piece...I had the two rectangular lapis beads left over from other projects and incorporated them into this lapis and freshwater pearl necklace. The sterling chain is a bit different - not quite rectangular, but not quite oval.

I know I need to expand my color horizon but for now it's about the blues. :)

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andrew said...

I wouldn't worry about negative feedback ,your'e work is beautiful.