Monday, June 28, 2010

Do You Take Checks?

So I had an order from my Etsy shop (shocking I know!) and the woman wanted to pay by check. It's kind of a sad state of affairs when I'm hesitant to take an order because I'm skeptical of the payment method. I'm a generally trusting person ... or at least I have been in the past. I just know too many folks who have gotten burned.

Lo and behold, the check arrived. I did tell her that I would not ship her order until the check had cleared (I'm thinking at least 5 days from when I cash it). I feel kind of bad about it, although if I were a customer paying by check I'd understand. There are just so many dishonest people out there it ruins it for those of us who are honorable.

I'm happy to still be able to sell the jewelry that I have already made. Saturday I had a couple of friends come over to make jewelry (and sell some of my supplies) and it did make me kind of sad. Mostly because I do love making jewelry and I just do not have time to do it. Which I realize is's not like I am giving it up forever.

My poor mom is grieving though. :) I made her an Amethyst necklace and earring set to ease her pain.

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