Friday, June 25, 2010

What Is It About Pizza?

Of all the politically charged posts I wrote on my other blog, none has gotten so much attention as the one I wrote about food stamps being accepted for pizza. I've published all comments, both good and bad because I'm not all that passionate about the issue. I don't really think people should use food stamps for Papa Murphy's, but it's just my opinion. Obviously the policy says they can.

I wrote this post nearly a year ago and it's STILL getting comments. I have no idea how people are still finding it. It's not like I write on that blog any more these days.

One poster called me ignorant, which I thought was kind of funny. How is it ignorant to want my tax dollars to be used properly? I see SO many people on food stamps at the grocery store with blinged out cell phones, cigarettes, and nice purses. Clearly they're not so hard up that they can't afford those things, but yet they are using food stamps to buy crap food. And they're allowed to use them to buy Papa Murphy's. I still think it's lame.

Feel free to disagree with so many others have. Disagreements aren't bad things as long as they are polite. It kind of makes me laugh that of all the obnoxious posts I've written, this is the one that gets people all hot under the collar. :)

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Dana said...

I agree and not only that did you know that most of those people also go to the food bank. My dad volunteers at one and he sees people come through that clearly have plenty of money for food especially if they are driving a nice really nice car. He who is on a fixed income of under $1,200 a month, paying rent, utilities, insurance like the rest of us can't qualify for food stamps because he makes too much money. OMG, what is this government coming to. You don't even want to get me started.