Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's A Ladies Man

Marshal cracked me up today at church. Since I'm not a big fan of Father's day I went to church but stayed in the nursery. I'm SO glad I did! I would have just been crying out in the main service, and in the nursery I got to watch Marshal try to maul another little girl.

His buddy, 10 month old McKayla (not sure how to actually spell her name) got her fair share of kisses, pinches, and hair pulls. She's bigger than he is but he's more aggressive. The way he kisses is full open mouth right on the face. We were laughing so hard because he was following her around for a good five minutes trying to get her.

I kept close and tried to moderate his strength - didn't want him to pull her hair. Her cheek was still pink from where he pinched it - he moved too fast and I couldn't stop him in time when she first came in. I think they're going to get married someday. :)

How could the ladies resist?


Rebecca said...

Gosh, and look at those green, crocodile-toed slippers!!! What lady wouldn't just LOVE those?! I'll bet you have a pair for your husband, right? ;)

Hey hopefully Marshall will tone down by the time he reaches his teens. LOL

Jennifer said...

Those shoes! OMG! Squee! Those are so incredibly cute.

CastoCreations said...

He BETTER tone it down. ROFL He just cracks me up though.

Aren't those socks beyond adorable!?!