Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Such a Slacker

No, really. I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I keep thinking of things to blog about but by the end of the day I'm exhausted and my brain shuts down.

It's not just blogging. Our house has gotten systematically messier since I left my old job. How that's possible I'm not quite sure, but it has. I figured I'd actually get to make my own schedule, and include house cleaning in that. Not so much.

We did at LEAST eight loads of laundry in one day last weekend. I did two more during the week. It had piled up so high we had to walk ON it to get to the washer. *sigh*

It's probably not hard to imagine that our eating habits haven't exactly been superb. Eating out is one of my pet peves. It drives me crazy and I do way too much of it during the day, let alone in the evenings. But we're both so tired after work that it's snuck back into our way of life and I'm tired of it. Not only is it expensive but it's not healthy (especially since we both like things like pizza or chinese food).

So I think we're going to go back to Dinners Done Right. We did this several years ago and loved the food. You actually go in and prepare it yourself...all the ingredients are there for you to put together. I realize it's lazy - yes I could go find the ingredients in the grocery store, buy them, and make them at home. But I think we've established at this point that I WON'T do that.

By default, it's worth the (a little less than) $10 a meal that it works out to be for the two of us. It's less than $5 a person per meal if we get the 12 meal package and prepare it ourselves. It's more if they prepare it for us, plus I like to leave some stuff out of the mix.

We still have to do sides, but for the most part that's not a big issue. We always have pasta or potatoes and I think I can manage to start getting some veggies on the plate. I think.

Other than the craziness, life really is wonderful. I've never been so busy and so happy at the same time. I absolutely love my job - it's challenging, fulfilling, and has actually gotten me out meeting people in my community. Have I made much money? But I expect that will come with time. It's only been a little over 4 months. Believing in the programs and services and having a great company stand behind me helps a lot though.

For now we are going to have to try to economize...which I realize sounds funny considering we're going to do the Dinners Done Right thing again. But in reality, it's a lot cheaper than spending $20-$30 for take out/delivery every night. We are trying to cut the budget and this is just going to have to be one small step.

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Lindsay said...

Hey! I miss you over at the Home Zookeeper, so I thought I'd swing by this blog and see how you are doing. I haven't visited this blog in a long time! Your son has gotten so big! How are the dogs?

Anyway, take care and happy to re-discover this blog.