Monday, September 13, 2010

My Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore

He's not even a year old yet and he is entering toddler-ville. He's defiant. He's curious. And he's walking! I still am in awe of this little guy. His intelligence is frightening sometimes.

I'm starting to TRY to wean him off of certain being rocked to sleep. The last couple of nights I've rocked him as usual for a few minutes, letting him have his bottle. And then when he's done with the bottle I rock a few minutes more but when he gets squirmy I move him into the crib.

Of course, all hell breaks loose. But two nights in a row he's actually EVENTUALLY gone to sleep on his own.

And in less than a month he'll be going to regular daycare. I'm terrified. I love that he gets one on one attention from his sitter every day. And she's completely flexible. Now he'll be going to "school" twice a week and back to his nanny's three times. I am worried it will screw up his schedule and make him ... I don't even know. Upset his routine somehow.

Crazy right? I just want him to be healthy, safe, and happy. The school we've chosen isn't bad. I'm just anxious.

My baby is growing up...much too quickly.


Rebecca said...

Aww!!! He seems to take to change pretty well, if he resisted his rocking routine only twice!

Lindsay said...

I can't believe he's almost a year old! He'll probably enjoy the daycare setting once he gets used to it.