Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything Old is New - UPDATE

*** UPDATE: Apparently the right person found them. They sold today! ***

Have you ever picked up one of your old pieces of jewelry...one that you haven't worn in ages and thought "Why don't I wear this more?" Or you find a piece in your jewelry box that you had forgotten about...it's like finding brand new jewelry.

The same thing happens to me when I dig through old pieces that I've created and sort of forgotten about. Sometimes I just never get around to photographing them. Other times I do photograph them but then just never get them posted. Others are up on my site and just haven't sold for one reason or another, but when I look at them after months and months I think how beautiful they are.

I've been going through my Etsy shop and deciding which pieces will stay there and which ones I'll post in my new 1000 Markets shop. One pair of earrings I've had for quite awhile...they're rather funky and asymmetrical in design. At one point I had decided to just take them out of my shop all together, but recently I took another look at them and decided that they are worthy of being sold. It just will take the perfect person to find them and wear them.

They are made with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) - the base is covered in something called "slip" (a paste like substance) that I added to give it a bumpty textured look - and then a long worm that I twisted into weird abstract shapes with an extra little ball plopped in for good measure. Then I antiqued them to bring out all the nooks and crannies - and adds a dimension of color.

They definitely aren't my standard style - I generally prefer things to match and be the same shape and size. But I think they do deserve to be in my shop...so I moved them from Etsy to my 1000 Markets shop. They're more artsy fartsy and fit in bette there. :)

So go back through your old work or your old jewelry. You just never know what surprises you'll find.

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