Friday, May 29, 2009

My Unofficial Registry

I'm excited to start registering for baby boy but I wish more of my family would purchase from Etsy or 1000 Markets.

I really really really want some police oriented onesies and shirts and things. I saw one that said "My Daddy Can Arrest Your Daddy" and I loved that but it looked cheap and like it used an iron on (plus the shop had gotten some really bad feedback). I don't want iron ons. I want to be able to save them and either use them for a second baby (if I ever decide to go through this hell again) or pass them down.

I also want one that has the Washington State Patrol logo and says "Future Trooper". I may have to resort to Alchemy on Etsy but I'd rather avoid it.

Here are some of the fun onesies I found and would put on a registry. mom would HATE this, but my grandpa would love it. Don't worry, they have the 'alternative' too. :) By Giggle Room.

Isn't this funny!?! Hubby is a big fan of 80s hair bands...ACDC counts as one right? I was pretty young back then. Made by Fun 2 Wear.

Punk rocker one day, Jr Executive the next. :) I do plan to groom the future geek generation you know. Made by Allie Craft.

I love elephants and this design is so adorable. Made by Tadpoles and Tutus.

If you've had good luck with any designers who can make custom pieces please let me know (please don't solicit me though...unless you really and truly can do EXACTLY what I'm looking for...I will delete spam). I don't want cheapy or iron on. I think the Trooper badge logo may be easiest done with an embroidery machine (those things rock).

I'll be adding things to my unofficial registry as I find them. Hopefully someone in my family will brave the online world. :)

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Dravens Halo said...

that little ab/cd one is adorable... i have been seeing lots of rock and heavy metal onesies in the music shops near me!!! i think they are adorable...