Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been having major issues with my website getting hacked this year. It's so frustrating, but even more so since I have no clue how to deal with something like that.

My wonderful web designer has just been too busy to really get a fix on it so I went elsewhere.

HUGE thank yous go out to Liz from Zola Bola Studios for taking my website design and shrinking it down to the basics. Which is exactly what I wanted and needed. No more gallery or pages of products...those seemed to be the most vulnerable and hacked.

It's a new simple and clean design ... and she even made a VIDEO tutorial for me - showing how to edit my pages. Above and beyond my expectations.

So now people should be able to visit my site with no scary warnings or big red pages popping up saying that the site is dangerous. Maybe this will help get me back on account has been suspended for a few weeks now and I'm just hoping it had to do with the website link.

My next goal is to clean up some of the pages on my site ... especially the press page and the policies page. But one thing at a time. I'm just thankful that it's hacker free. :)

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