Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Want a New Computer

Well, I could probably make a case for needing a new one.

We got hubby a new one for his 40th birthday. It's pretty neat but it runs with Vista - pure evil and random freeziness.

Right now I use an ancient (can such a term be applied to technology?) laptop that has been knocked over and dropped so many times that the plastic pieces around the edges have literally broken off. Not to mention its double duty as a TV tray. It's a very sad looking machine, but it loyally chugs on (knock on wood) and does my bidding.

For now.

I'm constantly worried that it is going to just up and die. I have everything on that laptop...and yes I know I should invest in some sort of backup but I just haven't done it yet. Mostly I want to save all my photos (literally thousands of them) and files relating to my jewelry.

I've been looking at the ads lately and it looks like we're closer to getting Windows 7. They promote it as an Upgrade, which is funny since Vista was supposed to be the 'best' thing since sliced bread. But I don't want to buy a machine with Vista installed and have to go back later for the upgrade. So I wait.

Then the question I want a new super laptop (must play video games) or should I go with a desktop. With two monitors. Yes, two monitors. If I have to work from home more than once a week when the baby comes I have to have the same set up I have at work. Two monitors is divine. SO much easier to work it's not even funny. Having only one feels pathetic to me now.

I hate change though...I know how to use my laptop and get around on it. I'm used to it. It's comfortable. Until it dies. I'm nervous about picking out a new computer. What if I get the wrong kind? What if it's a lemon? What if my files don't transfer over?

It's those kind of fears that help make the Geek Squad of Best Buy money. :) Because I WILL pay to have them fix up a new system and transfer stuff from my old one. So I need to consider those costs in additon to the cost of a machine.

I need to sell a lot more jewelry. =)


Dana said...

It's time for a new computer for you. Invest in one of those portable hard drives like the "Passport" to back up and save your data. We just got one from BB that is 1 TB (not a Passport). You just plug it into the USB and save all your stuff.

Then when you get a new computer you can just plug it in and you have another disk drive.

Don't loose your data, it is much better to invest in something in the meantime and you can always use the additional storage later.

CastoCreations said...

=) Thanks...I know it's time. I'm just dragging my feet. I should take a photo of my laptop just to show the hell it has been through. I am always shocked that it works at all! =) Hope you're having fun in MT.