Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Am I Banned?

I got banned from Twitter over a month ago. It is beyond frustrating...I have submitted three different tickets asking why and so far NO response. The first two tickets were closed...with no response explaining to me why my account was suspended.

What do I have to do to get back on Twitter and why was I suspended in the first place?

Has anyone else had a problem with being suspended?

I thought maybe it was because my previous website had gotten hacked and I had my site listed in my Twitter account. But the website is fixed and no longer hacked.

Was it because I disagreed with someone? Or someone complained because I offended them somehow? If so that is beyond lame.

Anyway...I'm just frustrated because I really like using Twitter and following people. And now I've been without it for over a month. :(


Dravens Halo said...

I really hate twitter - its a pity that people can say what they need to in 140 characters or less.. but thats beside the point - i dont think you would be banned for disagreeing with some one - i follow Trent Reznor (nine inch nails) on there - and you should see some of the things he says as well as the things other people say to him. so i don't think it would be that - i would just keep at them, to find out - maybe someone complained???

Roxy said...

That's terrible! Is there a number you can call instead?