Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Small Update

It's been a very crazy few weeks. I haven't gotten a lot done jewelry wise.

First I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Then a tumor on my placenta. Don't worry... it's not as bad as we first thought.

I'm a little tired and stressed.

The good news is that my mother in law's last bone marrow biopsy showed no cancer cells! They aren't calling it remission yet, but it's looking good. She's still tired and has a few other issues but we're very hopeful.

I'm basically just updating my Etsy shop by renewing expired listings. Kind of lame, I know. And I have a couple of new pieces to post but haven't found time or energy.

And I have classes all day, 9 to 5, starting Thursday going through Sunday.

I sort of doubt that blogging will take a high priority in the coming months. They're going to be monitoring me pretty closely and I may even have to be induced. :( Which I don't want so I'm trying to be as careful as possible.

So I thank all of you who keep visiting! And those who have checked in and offered your thoughts and prayers. They are all welcome and I am grateful!!! =)


Rosanne said...

Just try to keep calm Megan..that is key for you right now!

Oh, and I had to be induced with both my kids. For some reason, my body didn't want to go into labor. Even after they broke my water! It wasn't that bad and both my kids turned out just fine.

Hugs to you,

Anna said...

The gestational diabetes is easily controlled. Stay calm, eat healthy and get plenty of rest, you'll be fine and so will the baby!

Good news for your MIL, too!

You just take care and do what you need to do and your readers/online friends will be here when you get back!