Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some New Old Things

This last weekend I sat down and forced myself to take some photographs. Not all of the work is brand new - some is actually quite old but that I never quite liked enough to photoraph. Is that weird?

I made this PMC (fine silver) with 22k gold sun pendant ... I don't know ... early last year or maybe even before that. I think it was last year though. For some reason I just never felt motivated to photograh or offer it for sale. I honestly don't know why ... because now I think it's pretty cool looking. Maybe I was in my uber perfectionist stage and didn't like the more rustic "imperfect" look ... now I like it.

Then there's this really cute dragonfly pendant that I made earlier this year. I made another with blue and purple and sold it already. So why didn't I list this one? No idea. I do want to make a couple more with other colors eventually.
Then there's these freshwater pearl Keishi earrings. I totally love these pearls and the earrings are very different - not at all your standard pearl earrings. I have no idea how to describe the color...orangish tan? I've had them made for months - maybe even a year. And I even photographed them once before but never listed them.

Do you ever make things and then put them away? I have a bunch of jewelry that I've made over the last few years that has never been shown the light of day. It's not bad's not necessarily my style anymore but it's still good jewelry.
I guess I need to sit down and force myself to take more photos of these older pieces. It's just way more fun to create new jewelry. =)


Lenox Knits said...

I have so many scarves that are unphotographed that it's not even funny. For me it's mostly laziness. I sell far more at craft shows than on-line so I'd rather wait and see if it sells there first. I really like the sun pendant. It photographed very well!

Krystal Hosmer of Solsisters said...

love the sun pendant. Rustic but not unfinished. The copper pearls earrings really have a neat look to them as well.

CastoCreations said...

Thanks, ladies! =)

Lenox...your scarves are so pretty! It's always easier to sell at shows though since people get to touch and see in person. I'm not doing shows anymore though. At least not this year.

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