Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amazing Customer Service

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I know that I've touted Mail Chimp in the past, but I must do so again. I started following their Facebook page and I'm so glad I did ... this morning I noticed a post about Mail Chimp 5.0 and decided to check it out.

My word! Talk about delivering a worthwhile product to the customers. These folks are constantly making improvements to their service and the latest ones are outstanding.

"Time Warp" - Pick the time of day you want to send out your newsletter and Mail Chimp will make sure that it arrives at that time of day no matter what the time zone. Previously, if I wanted the newsletters to arrive on the West Coast at 10 a.m. then I had to choose 7 a.m. East Coast time. No longer. Mail Chimp makes sure it will arrive at 10 a.m. everywhere.

"Geo Targeting" - The one thing I never loved about the way Mail Chimp collects data is that you can't always tell where some one is from location wise if they don't enter their address. Sometimes I want to send out e-mails to only local folks but it was a pain to keep a separate list for those folks. Now there's no need! You enter the location you want to target and the mileage radius to target and bang...Mail Chimp sends it to those people who fall in that area! Genius!!! No need for segmented or separated lists by location.

"Auto Translator" - This one might not be something I utilize...I worry that the translation won't pick up the nuances from the way I "speak" in writing. But it is a cool feature.

"Flickr Integration" - Being able to utilize Flickr with my campaigns will be super cool...I haven't looked into how it works but the idea is intriguing.

There are other new features but these four are the ones that caught my eye right off the bat. This company is such a great example of a company that continues to improve their product and service without gouging their clients with fees. Not only that, anytime I've had any issues (it's been awhile and they were minor issues) they were supremely responsive and helpful.

Now, if I could get up the energy to actually write a new newsletter, and fix my current list of recipients...*sigh*

* No, I am not paid to promote Mail Chimp. A couple of the links to their site are "affiliate" links and if you sign up through me I'll get bonus credits...and so will you! I just really love their services, or I wouldn't write about their awesomeness. *

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