Monday, February 22, 2010

Nature Is Amazing

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is awed by the nature that surrounds me. Sometimes I wish I could pull over on the side of the freeway as I drive to work and just take photos. I drive past/through a wetland, wildlife reserve, stunning mountain that stays with me most of my drive, and all sorts of different natural beauties.

The way that nature gives us beautiful gifts astounds me. The variety is endless and when making jewelry I'm constantly reminded of how complex the world is.

A month or so ago I ordered some Saturn Jasper and when it arrived I was just blown away by the intricacy and variance of the patterns on each and every stone. No two stones were alike. I felt the same sort of awe looking at these stones as I do when staring at a stunning sunrise.

There are so many types of Jasper out there and each on is beautiful and unique. I made some earrings and necklaces using a Brecciated Jasper ... how can nature create such an amazing design???

I realize there are scientific explanations for the incredible patterns and variance that nature provides in these stones, but I prefer to enjoy them for their beauty without over analyzing the reasons. :)

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