Friday, May 21, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Am I the only one who doesn't like certain layouts in blogs? The ones that bug me the most, and it's mostly due to my own laziness, are the ones that have a whole bunch of posts listed with headers and a few teaser sentences. But if I want to read the post I need to click another link.

Maybe it's my tendency to get distracted easily, but when I see a site like that I don't know what to do first. I might be interested in several different posts but feel paralized ... which one to read first?!?!

I know...kind of sad right? But it's just the way my brain's easily overloaded apparently.

My blog might not be that fancy or sophisticated, but it's set up so if you aren't interested in the current post you can just scroll down. That's how I prefer to read blogs.

I also HATE with the passion of a thousand suns burning in the heavens forever blogs with music that starts automatically. SERIOUSLY!?!?! What if I'm in an office taking a break and all of a sudden Guns n Roses is blaring out of my computer? Not cool. If you want to have music, that's your choice since it's your blog, but believe me I cannot close the page fast enough when music starts. The only time I'll stick around is if I can stop the music within 2.5 seconds. If I have to search for the player ... I'm gone.

What about you? What are you blog pet peeves? I'm sure I'm guilty of offending folks but if you don't tell me what you hate how can I tell you that I don't care?

ha! Just kidding. I think my blog is pretty tame. I have no ads other than Entrecard. I've tried cleaning it up a bit and know I have more to do...I want it to load quickly. Of course, time is limited so this is pretty much one of my lower priorities.


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