Monday, May 3, 2010

Knowing Myself

Starting a new career is definitely scary. It was nice to sort of ease into it the last few months but even with that lead in time the last week was stressful and nerve wracking.

Can I do this? My esteem certainly has gotten hit several times. I get frustrated when I screw something up. There's a lot to remember including certain phrases to say and ones not to say.

I know that one of my issues is that I get really excited. After all, I wouldn't be working for Aflac if I wasn't a huge fan of their services and believe in what the company offers. So when someone says that they've had agents contact them and they aren't interested, my instict is to ask "Really? Why not?" lol And that doesn't work.

So trying to tamp back that instinct is something I have to work on.

Cold calling is definitely not fun and I promise to be nice to people who call me from now on. *grin* I can't even imagine how lame it is to call people when you're working for minimum wage and selling something you aren't passionate about. I love Aflac and am doing this because I want to (because if we tried we could live on one income) and getting rejected is tough. Especially when someone is rude about it.

Several folks have been really nice about it and that does make it easier to hear "no".

This whole thing is requires a HUGE learning curve for me. Things used to come a lot easier to me but my memory just seems like swiss cheese. Just reading something doesn't automatically make me remember it...I need to hear it, see it, and then work with it to really get it memorized and understood.

I did get several meetings set up and I'm SO excited and kind of proud of myself. They're all businesses that we are customers of ... does that make it less exciting and scary? Not to me! I'm just thankful that they are giving me a chance to present...and practice! =) If they decide to sign up, all the better. But right now I really need to get a grasp of how to do this right.

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