Monday, May 10, 2010

My Apologies!

I want to apologize to some of my favorite online friends...with all the crazy training, setting meetings, calling businesses, and trying to make a new living I have hardly had time to think about anything other than breathing. Marshal's drawers are super empty...all his clothes are on the dining table! Sheesh.

My goal is to someday get the hang of all this and be able to manage my time and include my favorite blogs back in my schedule, but right now it's all about learning and trying to help businesses protect their employees. So many business owners think that Aflac is major medical insurance - or car insurance. :)

The marketing department did such a great job with the duck. Everyone knows the Duck! Unfortunately, the duck isn't what Aflac does. :) Aflac is supplemental insurance that has nothing to do with Major Medical insurance, and there's no car or home policies offered.

So when I call businesses some are immediately on defense - and I don't blame them. If I don't do my job then they think I'm trying to sell them something. Actually I don't sell anything to businesses and that's a tough thing to get past.

Did you know that if you sign up for an Aflac policy through your job you OWN it - it's all yours. And you can take it with you if you leave your job. This is a big deal because one of the policies we offer is Short Term Disability. Unfortunately you can't buy this policy directly - only through a group (your employer). So I'm out of luck because they didn't offer it as an option when I was signing up for my policies at my last job. Grrr!

Aflac also has Vision policies - but these also can't be purchased on a direct basis, only through a group sign up.

Thankfully the rest of the policies can be signed up on an individual basis and they're a lot more affordable than most people realize. Some policies start as low as $2 a week! Considering how outrageous insurance costs, and when you consider that health insurance policies are meant to pay the doctors, Aflac policies are a great deal. They pay YOU directly! Above and beyond any major medical coverage.

Anyway...things are so crazy trying to learn all of the policies. :) Not to mention my little man and his craziness. He's started pulling himself up to stand!!!!!

We are in SO much trouble! =D


Ruth said...

Oh, just wait until he figures out how to climb out of the crib at all hours of the night! My kids did that at around that age.

Rebecca said...

Aflac does sound really neat. I had no idea it was so good!

OMG your baby in on his FEET!!!!!!!!! What a precious smile! Gee, he's growing up too fast, WOW.

My kids were always so laid back, they never climbed out of their cribs. My youngest son would holler for me, bright and early, every morning, tho. lol.