Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yee Haw! I Lasted 20 Seconds!

Last Friday I headed on out to a hoe down...technically a Barnyard Bash. It was an awards "ceremony" for Aflac and even though I hadn't even been there a week yet I sort of had to go. I'm glad I did...and even more glad we didn't stay a long time.

Somehow I got roped in (hahaha, get it!) to competing in the Hillbilly Olympics, as the female bull rider for our team. Each team had to have a woman and a man...and I was the lucky gal in jeans who wasn't pregnant or having back problems.

You know that you actually have to sign a WAVER to ride a mechanical bull!?! I was a little worried because my neck occasionally gives me problems but I did it anyway. I'm officially part of the team after this little display! =)

Crazy right? lol I have NO idea how I lasted 20 seconds, but that was more than any of the men on any of the teams lasted. There was one other woman who went 20 seconds as well so we had to have a ride-off. Yeah, I lost badly. My legs were shaking, I felt ill, and just walking on that bouncy stuff is exhausting.

Getting on those bulls is hard too...the first time I was like a beached whale, but the for the ride-off I was much more graceful. Didn't help my riding much. =)

There's ONE little rope you hold on to and it is brutal. The other gal's skin got ripped off on her finger and I had several red marks on my hand. It's not easy.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! The things one must endure to sell insurance!!! ;) Sounds like you had fun, tho. :D

My Hub sold insurance, long ago (not Aflac). I hated it... it was for a large company that was corrupt to the bones....

CastoCreations said...

lol I know! I'm not quite sure what I was thinking getting into this, but I do love the company and that makes ALL the difference in the world. :) It's got an awesome family focus, which is so important to us.