Friday, April 30, 2010

Heading to the Party

My first week at Aflac is done. It's been exhausting and fun and scary and did I mention exhausting? I'm kind of working 12 hours a day right now because I have so much to do. Next week I start attending my formal training classes and there are pre-requisites that I need to have done before I go. If I'd had last week off I probably would have taken more time to prepare ahead of time, but it is what it is.

I'm still amazed that there are some people out there (not that I'll name any names *grin*) who aren't really sure what Aflac does. But I suppose if you've never been a policy holder you wouldn't make it a priority to find out, right? :)

I've been a policy holder for 8 years since they first offered it at my last job. I started with the Accident policy and paid less than $15 a month. We definitely got our money's worth - hubby had to have surgery on his shoulder after an unsuccessful pull-up attempt. heh Our policy paid well over $1,000 (I just can't remember the exact amount). And then last year when my Trooper Bear bit my finger I got $190 - I didn't even need stitches, but the policy would have paid even more if stitchers had been required. All of this was cash directly to us, with no involvment of our health insurance company at all.

Last year after Marshal was born I signed us up for the Cancer policy, the Hospital Intensive Care policy, and of course the Accident policy...because we are a bit accident prone in this family and with a new baby I'm sure we'll have our fair share.

He just looks like trouble doesn't he? hee hee 7 months old!!!

So our premiums have obviously gone up - the Cancer policy is the most expensive, but also pays out a lot if any of us is diagnosed with cancer. My dad died at the age of 36 from colon cancer and my mother in law is still fighting Leukemia so for us it's definitely piece of mind.

I added the Hospital Intensive Care policy because it covers accidents and sick leave...and if I'm not mistaken the Accident policy will pay in addition to the Hospital I.C. plan. And if we'd had the Hospital plan a year before Marshal was born I believe that we would have been paid for his time spent in the NicU (live and learn I suppose). There's two other Hospital plans (Confinment and Confinment Sickness) but for us the I.C. plan seemed the most logical.

I'll probably write more about things as I'm learning all the details. If anything looks interesting I definitely encourage you to find an agent in your area - you can sign up as an individual/family or, if your company offers it, you can sign up during open enrollment. If your company doesn't, ask your HR department (or whoever makes those decisions) if they would consider it. =) And if you're in Washington - feel free to contact me. *grin*

In the meantime...I have to put on my cowboy boots and get to the big state meeting. It's theme is Barnyard Bash and I have to tell ya - I'm not THAT excited. It's only my first week and I'm expected to get up on stage with my 'team' and make a fool of myself. Oh yeah...can't wait! =)

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