Monday, August 11, 2008

I Know What You Know

Hubby is on a night schedule right now for work. I expected him home on Sunday morning at 4 a.m. At 5:30 a.m. I woke up (well, my bladder woke me up) and no hubby. This isn't as scary as it used to be because he knows better than to call me in the middle of the night now and when I wake up and he's not there as expected I call him.

When I call he says he's at the hospital and that it isn't him who is injured.

Well thank God for that!

There was an officer involved shooting early Sunday morning. It was one of hubby's friends and coworkers. Some loser decided it would be a laugh to lead officers on a high speed pursuit, then when cornered to try to ram the officer.

Nice. Hubby didn't get home until after 9 a.m. That is a 15 hour shift. :( I hate those.

Clearly this idiot had no regard for anyone else. His actions led an officer to shoot his firearm and wound the moron who then took off at a run. He was arrested a little later and taken to the hospital.

This officer has a family and friends. Shooting someone is not as easy as they make it look in the movies. It involves trauma to the shooter and his family that you may not realize.

The details that I'm sharing here are as much as I know, however, because hubby won't share anything else with me. I learned what I know from the news on Sunday morning. Hubby says that the matter is under investigation and if he told me anything, and then was asked if he told anyone, he'd have to say yes. And then I'd be liable to answer questions.

Okay, fine. I get that. I hate not knowing the details but I get it.

The officer, hubby's friend, is okay. His wounds were minor. But it could just as easily have been my hubby who caught the action that night. Just as easily been him to draw his gun (which he still has not had to do in 8 years as a Trooper) and now be on administrative leave while the investigation takes place.

This is why they train. Our State Troopers are first class. Hubby's sergeant even called to check on us - including me - to see how we were doing. Sergeant wasn't scheduled to be on duty for Sunday night but went out anyway to work with his men and make sure everyone was okay. Hubby was due to be out all by himself so I'm glad there were other Troopers out with him last night.

This morning when he got home I asked how his night was and he said "boring."

I said...I'm glad! :) Boring means safe. Exciting means danger. Thankfully, their jobs are pretty much boring most of the time. It's that small percentage of time where the excitement makes their jobs dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Please keep the officer's family and coworkers in your prayers. He's an A-Class guy who did his job to protect us law abiding folks.

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Modern Mexico Sem said...

I'm sorry to hear about the shooting. My ex is a deputy with Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. We had a friend in a situation similar to that, but after the guy rammed the squad car, it took off again. When it all finally stopped, our friend had fatally shot one of the morons in the car. Initially all was good according to the dept. But our friend was later fired. After years of fighting it, he was reinstated. Turns out that the kid had had a gun and had aimed it at him. Tell your hubby to be safe and to always look out for him and his fellow officers first.