Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Survey

It's been awhile since I've done one of the DNeero surveys. I've hardly had time to update my blog let alone do surveys. But of course I loved this one. :) I'm still excited about McCain's choice of veep.

I've read lots of blogs and articles about it and it seems like some "talking heads" and party folks who eat and sleep politics aren't as excited. But they don't seem to understand how exciting it is for NORMAL people. I am not a party person. I enjoy politics and listen to talk radio all the time but I am no one in party politics. And my MIL isn't either and she is excited too. :)

Her nickname is Sarah Barracuda!!! How freaking awesome is that? *grin*

I's superficial. I just love her whole story. She's a reformer...a true reformer, not just a "hope change" empty suit. She has actually done things - including selling the governor's jet on Ebay! ROFL How hilarious is that?!?


Meagan said...

With all the chatter about her not being the mother of that child she claimed to have miraculously birthed, I hope she thought long and hard about the repercussions and how it might affect her daughter if the truth were to come out.

And if it is true. I don't see how a women who would lied about being pregnant in order to avoid a personal scandal could be anyone's hero. I certainly don't want her as my VP.. And I am a "normal" person.

I'd take the change over her lies any day.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I think this was a brilliant move on McCain's part. Brilliant. :)

CastoCreations said...'ve clearly drank the Koolaid. All these "rumors" are clearly lies and disgusting lies at that. It's amazing the attacks that have formed around SP. You'd think she were the devil incarnate the way the left is foaming at the mouth. Good grief.

lhansen said...

Castrocreations....I couldn't agree more! The name calling and false accusations are plainly just bad politics

lhansen said...

Err.... Castocreations (not Castro)
he he.
By the by....Love your Blog!