Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top of the Muffin To YA!

I feel really old. Granted, 30 is not old. But it used to be that I was the youngest kid on the block at work. I was the "young pup" who everyone teased about being young.

Yeah...those days are so over. *sigh*

The interns at our company are just babies. They are so young that they don't even know Seinfeld references!!!

We had these amazing cupcakes on Tuesday and I just ate the "muffin top" and threw away the "stump" ... the intern just gave me a blank stare while my other coworkers laughed. I asked if he ever watched Seinfeld and he shook his head.

Oh dear Lord...I apologize to all those who I teased when I was younger about not knowing certain shows - or when I asked my mom what a "record" was.

Seinfeld is a classic. It's completely inappropriate and wonderful. My coworkers and I use lines from Seinfeld all the time. I still watch the reruns.

And it's now a show that "old" people watch. *sigh*


Karen said...

Like "No soup for you!" LOL I'm with ya, Megan. :)

Angelika said...

That is so disappointing that they didn't get it at ALL! :-(

I'm not old until I can get AARP!

Jennifer said...

Man Hands!!!! ROFL!!! Well, I guess I'm old with ya Megan!!! *neener*

XOXO ~ Jen

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't watch TV, I'm a reader, so I don't get Seinfeld jokes either, and I'm almost 35. So don't let that alone make you feel old. LOL The first time I felt old like that was last year when we were talking about video games and my 21 year old stepsister asked me what Atari is. LOL


Anonymous said...

How can ANYONE not know, or have watched a Seinfeld episode? That's not even right. Wow.

CastoCreations said...

I know's just so WRONG!!! I'm watching a rerun right now. ROFL