Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Respect

If you weren't aware...we're fostering a dog. And she has no respect for other people's space. It's hilarious. Except when I'm sleeping and all of a sudden feel her bony butt on my head!

Here she takes a nap with foster papa - with...on...what's the difference?

Kodiak's butt apparently makes a really good pillow.

Kodiak is not so happy. That is his "mom, make her stop" face.

Be sure to visit my doggies and our adventures at Home Zookeeper.

And by the way, Bullet (the dog with space issues) is available for adoption via Ginger's Pet Rescue. I've tried convincing hubby to let me keep her but he is being stubborn.


jeweledrabbit said...

Too sweet. LOL

Lady Language said...

Awww...love dogs but have two kids (oh, make that three - forgot my husband :)

Bethany said...

she's very pretty! Smudge is like that too. He likes to put his head against us and push until we pet. Or poke at us until we pet. And sometimes I wake up with Pickles practically under me, she's been snuggling into me so hard.

Roxy said...

aww now that's cute!