Monday, February 2, 2009

Gearing up for St Valentine

Are you pushing sales for Valentine's Day? Sending out special newsletters or offering discounts? Reminding people that they have less than two weeks left to shop!?!

I'm not. I haven't ever really pushed hard to sell for this holiday because it's not a holiday that I need to celebrate.

Don't get me wrong ... I love all the hearts and love and all that junk (oh and the chocolate but since I'm not eating chocolate this year it's just a painful reminder). *grin* Ffor me, it's not necessary to force hubby to buy me things for this one day. Besides that, I'm really cheap ... not to mention there's not much he could buy me that I wouldn't already have bought myself. And he knows that.

I had a coworker once get mad at her husband for not buying her flowers from a "real" flower shop. He'd gone to Costco and gotten one of those awesome bouquets ... saving at least $60. And she got MAD. Seriously!?! How messed up is that? If my hubby bought me ANY flowers I'd wonder what was going on, but I'd never get mad.

For me, making sales is great and if people are buying my jewelry to give for Valentine's Day then that is awesome. I'm not exactly pushing it though. I'd rather people buy things for Birthdays and anniversaries.

Although, even then I'm weird ... hubby and I rarely celebrate our anniversary. *grin* We're such stick in the muds!

Now that I think about it though I probably should get my newsletter sent out ... it's been a few months and I haven't sent one out yet for the year at all. Oops.

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SpeakDog said...

I think going to Costco shows MORE initiative than going to a "real" flower shop. Have you ever been in that place on a Saturday? Bless the man willing to brave the crowds, just to buy some stupid flowers that will die in a week anyway.

Stu is an awesome spouse and is nice to me all the time. I don't get women who want their SO's to "prove" their affections.