Thursday, February 12, 2009

Go With Personalized

While sales may be hard to come by lately, I do know at least one person doing really well with her personalized hand stamped silver pendant necklaces. Jennifer Casady does a great job and I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for this type of jewelry.

People ARE still spending money. Trust me. I've had several orders in just the last two weeks involving personalized pieces. And I know that Jen has been swamped.

I think that the biggest thing right now is offering custom and personalized pieces. People want something special that will mean something to them. They are saving their money and being very particular on what they purchase. I don't blame them.

My favorite piece in my jewelry line (well, they're all my favorites, who am I kidding? But I do love it.) is my custom birthstone Cherry Tree necklace.

The idea actually came from a coworker who loved my Cherry Tree pendant but wanted to incorporate her mother and sister in law's birthstones. So the Family Cherry Tree pendant was born.

Is there some way you can offer a custom product to your customers?

And can you do it in a different way that someone else doesn't offer?


SpeakDog said...

All your stuff is so pretty!

Sherry said...

personalized item are nice!