Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something Simple

Sometimes simple is the way to go.

I went to a gem and jewelry show last November (wow, has it been that long already!?!) and was there for one thing and one thing only. So of course I came home with new goodies that weren't on my list. *grin*

Including some incredible shell pieces that caught my eye and stuck in my mind so much that I had to search for the vendor after I'd passed him the first time. I don't do that very often.

This particular vendor actually hand crafts the amazing pieces in their factory - and was even working on some pieces right there. I picked up a couple of interesting cabs as well as some other shell pieces that I had to have.

These mother of pearl starfish are hand created ... each and every little dimple is made by a person. They weren't cheap because of this but I knew I needed to bring a couple home. The necklace already sold but I still have the earrings.

I also brought home these gorgeous Paua shell square shaped ... things. Not sure what to call them. They aren't beads and they aren't necessarily pendants, though I did use one in as a pendant. They could be used for really big earrings too though.

Aren't the colors incredible? They are even more vivid in person. I had to play around with the wire wrapping but I think it turned out okay.

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DJ said...

What a neat pendant - I love the way you wrapped it, simple!